Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is our army thankless

The army is so discourteous that it has never thanked civilians for bearing its expenses. We all have seen its performance recently, which was not the way we were made to expect. If it can't show us performance then at least it should thank us for feeding it at the cost of embarrassing health and education sector
Just look at this year's budget allocation for defence forces. It's astonishing Rs 491.9 billion - largest budgetary allocation for a single institution. I wrote a post last year that army should at least thank the nation for maintaining it. I received many angry emails and comments. I hope people will be less angry this time.

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  1. yup it definitely is n js bcx of army"s luxuries civilians are suffering but to be passive is another one bothers to ask or protest that where the hell all the money n resources r going ....n y certain institutes are so obliged leaving others totally neglected...??? because still we can never have any system or transparency checks :( &..............