Sunday, April 17, 2011

Annoying Pakistani wedding

Pakistani weddings take the ultimate tolerance test of guests. Here is what happened to me this Sunday.
There was only one entry on my Sunday office diary: Wedding reception of two brother advocates at 1pm. I planned my Sunday accordingly. I cancelled a very important family obligation, to attend the wedding reception of my colleagues. I was surprised to see no cars parked near the reception area.
When I entered the hall at 1:16pm, it occured to me that I am the first guest. I was anticipating half of the hall to be filled with people, but it was deserted. Only a few catering people were giving finishing touches to arrangements. The anger started boiling and I left the reception, cursing the grooms’ family for making a cruel joke with their guests. If people have to start their functions late than whey they mention an earlier time on their invitation cards.

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  1. let them come in the courts. we will raise this issue.