Friday, November 19, 2010

Strange habits of Pakistani gun buffs.

Glock: Rich man's gun  
Two types of people dominate my friend’s cycle. One who have large studies overstuffed with books and second who have large collections of weapons.
My limited income source have forced me to limit my gun collection. My financial situation turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I can’t dream of buying more guns, but I do buy a lot of (shotgun) ammunition and practice shooting.
Many of my firearm friends are in buying mode only. I have a lawyer friend who buys a new gun worth Rs. 50,000 after every six months but rarely fires them. Having a large collection of firearms and not regularly using them is like an impotent person having a large harem of fine girls of diverse backgrounds.
Another friend of mine is a Glock collector. Glock is richman’s handgun in Pakistan. It costs around Rs 300,000. This Glock guy keeps his gun locked in his house and never carries them, thinking what if some on robs him of his expensive gun.
A landlord friend’s house was once robbed. The robbers took all their fine hunting weapons (Remington, Churchill and Beretta) along with other loot. This friend now keeps a loaded AK-47U in his entrance lobby.
Then there is my ex-boss and now a friend, who edits an English daily newspaper. Good ex-bosses endup becoming ex-employees’ friends. He keeps one handgun and carries it everywhere except where law prohibits. He is also a regular at Lahore pistol range. He claims to know his weapon like the back of his hand. He is the only person in my firearm friend’s circle, who has a practical approach towards weapons.
To me the people, who buy a weapon but don’t keep it in ready-to-use position, are wasting their time and money. Attribution: I got the idea of this post after reading a similar post at lawyer with a gun.

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  1. hamid you are right most of our friends (common gun friends) only buy for collection like such ladies who buy every new arrival of cloths and shoes and hardly use them.
    A hand gun, a hunting shotgun and a general HD/SD gun is enough for one more than it just waste of money.

  2. Excellent writting. It reminds me of an addage- "beware an old man with just one gun." I am not impressed by large gun collections. I am impressed by a high quality gun with lots of wear.

  3. @Majed, some of our common friends are just weapon shopaholics. They keep on buying but miss the pleasure of shooting.

    @Anonymous, I must say you have quoted an excellent proverb in your comment.

  4. good comparative observation on unloaded gun fanatics..lolls :-P
    but they say"
    "A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns."" lollx
    "But hopes are Shy Birds flying at a great distance seldom reached by the best of Guns."

  5. @Anonymous, I enjoyed your quotes especially the one on lawyers.

  6. :D with the apology n exemption for our dads .... :)