Monday, February 14, 2011

Perfect wife and over-under shotgun

Buying an over-under shotgun is similar to undergoing an arranged marriage. You never know what kind of girl you will get. She always gives you odd surprises at odd times. And you are never sure about her, no matter how many times you go for arranged marriage. 
Getting a semi-auto is like marrying a girl whom you have been living with for years. You know what you are getting. No matter how many times you marry, you can never be wrong at finding the right person. 
I am searching for an over-under these days. My finances wont allow me to go beyond the budget guns (baikal and tula) in Pakistan. The problem with the budget over-under shotguns is that no two are similar. Two guns having consecutive serial numbers are different in stock dimensions, which are key to good shotgunning. The two barrels of the over-under might shoot left and right besides shooting over and under – a problem every shotgunner dreads to face. 
One ejector may also turn out to be less co-operative than the perfect other, ruining a beautiful day in the fields with friends. Trust me, carrying a screw driver to pluck the spent cartridges out in the field is no good experience and that too in front of your friends. 
And yes, the new-in-box Baikal is highly likely to have these problems. After having a conversation with my shotgun friend, Hassan Tariq, I have been convinced not to buy a new budget o/u as its a gamble with a lot of risk. The little secure gamble is to go for your friend’s used over-under which you have fired a couple of times at a target board. Its like falling in love with your friend’s would-be ex-girl friend.


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