Friday, November 19, 2010

Crash course into Afghanistan's history

“Tribe wars against tribe. Every man’s hand is against the other and all are against the stranger,” Winston Churchill’s observed in his book The Story of the Malakand Field Force about 100 years ago.
I was also interested in the Afghanistan history. There was a book on the topic in our study. No one had read it, which was evident from its tight binding and a lot of dust on it.
On reading the book, I observed the following. There were military coups on every second page. Conspiracies covered almost all the pages and conspiracies would start right after a new government's formation. Television station and presidential palace in Kabul have seen more tanks in Afghanistan then any battle ground in the war-torn country. Topples, coups, takeovers are religiously followed in the Afghanistan history and politics.
The only way for the world to deal with Afghanistan is too keep its internal waring appetite insatiable. Let them fight, but don't let any tribe or group dominate the other. 


  1. good insight into history....

  2. u welcome sir :)
    i have good, brief stuff on afgha history n creation of Talibaans so...........