Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two of my most innocent friends

I am really impressed by the innocene and naivety of two of my friends. They were so ridiculously naive that whenever I tell people about their innocent remarks, people get cramps in their bellies due to laughing.
Sheikh was my class fellow and roommate in Islamabad’s National University of Computer Sciences (NUCES). One day I was watching a documentary about the development of child in the womb. Sheikh asked me some questions about human reproduction and I answered them. Seeing Sheikh’s curiosity in the subject, I asked him, “Do you know how unborn baby gets feed while in the mother’s womb?”
Sheikh gave an answer which I can never forget. He said, the would-be mother inserts the nipple of a feeding bottle in her belly button and baby sucks the milk from inside the womb. Sheikh was 20 years old then.
Akhtar and I shared an apartment in Lahore. He was doing his MBA. He was a soft spoken and sensitive person. We never saw him angry or yelling at anyone. He had an effeminate personality. He would blush like a girl whenever we used to discuss girls or anything girly;).
Akhtar didn’t know two things. He had not seen the zoo during his whole life and he did’nt know female anatomy. He remained our apartment’s butt of all dirty jokes during his stay in Lahore.

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