Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Wrong with Express News

What's wrong
(The English language channel Express 24/7 has been taken off air due to financial reasons.)

It's almost an year since I quit Express 24/7. Having nothing to do except waiting for the Mulla's call to break the fast, I thought to recall and write something about the television channel and issues with it.

Unprofessional Human Resource Approach:
The Humar Resource department has vowed not to hire any person with any good journalistic cridentials or approach. There can be hundereds of journalistic qualities and there can only be one – which is ability to regularly learn something new. The HR approach at the Express News seriously lacks the ability to check this quality in their prospective employees. Resultantly, the newsroom is filled with people who can be anything but journalists. There was a rumour circulating that anyone who wants a good salary package in the channel should tell the interviewer that he/she doesn't know Urdu.

Content is Not a Priority:
Express pays no attention to the content. They have a huge graphic screen - perhaps the largest and the only of its kind in Pakistan- and they use it like a monkey having a machine gun in its hands, with no focus on what she/he is uttering on the screen.
There is a staleness on everything Express News. No matter if it is screen colours, promos, programmes and packages.
Too much graphics on Express News give this illusion of playing Sega video game instead of watching news. Recently, I saw one of their anchors on a graphic platform going three storeys up and then she walks away. She even resembled with a video gaming character I used to play when I was a kid. No one among top channels in the world can even think of putting the anchor amid a graphic circus the way Express does it.

Content Drain/Theft:
I know some people in Express News who write content for other news channels in Pakistan. A newsroom employee is a major script contributor to a comedy programm of a rival channel. And the reason for his little unfairness according to that employee is “original content is not appreciated here”. Its an irony that employees of one news channel are increasing the viewership of a rival channel only because of lack of appreciation.

And the lady anchor who daily forgets to put deodorant and smells like a wet ***.
More about this anchor is coming soon;)


  1. wow... so direct n realistic...esp the suspense of continuity :)

  2. Good analysis but you forget about the selection of intelligentsia for copy desk of 24/7. The anchor you are talking about was fired due to some pronunciation mistakes as she misread Urdu word for cotton bails. I will wait for the 'nosy' experiment of yours ant that too in the night shift . . . it reminds me of Perfume . . . SAQib

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