Sunday, August 22, 2010

PML-N, Sialkot mob lynching, police going scot-free

PML-N responsible for mob lynching? 

PML-N has always supported vigilantee action and extra-judicial killings whenever the party came into power. The Sialkot lynching is done right under the nose of Deputy Inspector General of Police Zulfiqar Cheema. Cheema got very famous after he killed a criminal and extortionist in Gujranwala after bringing him back from Dubai. No one, including the PML-N leadership, condemned the extra-judicial killing of Achoo Dogar. Why? Achoo has been extorting money mostly from industrialists who were PML-N leaders.
The local PML-N leadership in Gujranwala took processions and held meetings in support and honour of Cheema.

Cheema school of thought:

After the Sialkot incident, Cheema is irnoically issuing statements against vigilantee action and police’s failure to control the situation. He himself has encouraged these values in Police.
Shams Ali, one of the accused involved in the barbaric killing of two-brothers in Sialkot has claimed that he carried out the murders at the behest of DPO Sialkot Waqar Chauhan.
He quoted the DPO as saying, “Go ahead and kill both them. Police will claim the responsibility of the two-brothers’ death and declare it a result of an encounter.”
The second irony is that the top PML-N leadership will now visit the bereaved family to offer condolences. Its not mere condolences, it’s a matter of getting lime light. Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz should have apologised to the family whose sons were let killed by the police of the CM.

What will happen: 

All police officials, who were present at the spot while the mob was clubbing and pelting the two young boys to death, have been suspended. Practice in this country has it that they all will be restored to their jobs. The irony here is that police investiages its own offences which is similar to being a judge in one’s own case.
Last time, when the Sialkot police rose to fame was when they failed to handle a hostage situation in Jail. Around 5 judges were taken hostage by the jail inmates who were possession weapons in the jail. The judges were killed in the insuing operation between the police and inmates. The case against the police officails involved in the incident is still pending in the Lahore High Court. Irony here is that one of the relatives of a deceased judge, a family friend of ours, is looking for a Seefarish to get the culprit punished. Imagine a deceased judge’s relative seeking Seefarish to get justice.

What’s wrong with us: 

The whole nation is undergoing a severe shock after the brutal killing. The nation had not learnt to mourn and tasted this kind of shock when alleged robbers were lynched in Karachi in a few incidents. I remember my mother and aunts discussing the Karachi killings with an appreciative tone, but now the ladies are unable to sleep.


  1. there is years long an inside story of families enmity behind this incident.... after the murder in rival family ...the boys were passing by when opposition member noticed them n incited the crowd. boys took refuge in rescue 112, they called police to save them n there police staged the whole scheme of barbaric drama standing as statues.....

  2. 1122*