Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prudent prostitute and her lascivious lawyer

Hiring prostitutes before weddings is commonplace in Punjabi culture. In a village in Jhelum, a wedding was taking place. The cousins of the bridegroom wanted to celebrate the wedding. They had an idea of brothels frequented by family elders. One of the cousins, in order to give surprise to one of his uncles, procured a prostitute from the brothel house where his uncles went regularly.

The prostitute settled the payment and number of people she was supposed to entertain. She had agreed to serve four people for Rs 10,000 on the night before the wedding. She went to the village along with the person who had come to hire her.

Upon her arrival in the village, she was ushered in an outhouse (one or two room structures situated outside the village in the fields to keep cattle and sometimes to act as guesthouse). She was shocked to learn that 10 people were present in the outhouse instead of 4. She was forced to entertain all of them, including the uncle and two teenagers. In the morning, she was given Rs 8,000 with a promise of more money whenever she visits them again.

Angry over being defrauded, she went to a lawyer client and narrated the whole incident to him. The lawyer in question is very famous among the prostitutes of the city and gives his legal services to prostitutes in return of theirs. The lawyer charges them consultancy ‘fee’ first, a ‘stipend’ on every hearing and the remaining ‘amount’ before the final hearing or whenever he desires.

The lawyer filed a criminal case on her behalf against the ten people for abducting her and gang raping her – both very serious offences. The police got the woman medically examined and her tests turned positive. The ten people were arrested.

The accused applied for the bail of the two teenagers, claiming they were below 18 years of age.
The visible upset prostitute had become angry on seeing the all accused in the court. When the counsel for the accused argued that the teenagers be released on bail as they are innocent, the prostitute, who had been acting as a real gang-rape victim, lost her control and told the judge that these two brats exhausted her the most.
The accused and the prostitute compromised after they paid a large sum of money to her.

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