Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Incestuous gang rape: Mother accuses father of raping daughter

Councilor Banaras was called in the local police station in the evening. Visiting the police station of his area was a routine matter for him as the police-shy people of his constituency often took him along whenever they had to deal with the police.
What awaited him in the police station later turned out to be a big shock for him. He met the ex-wife, Sakina Bibi, of his cousin Najeebur Rehman and the couple’s only daughter Iram Najeeb.
Banaras had witnessed so many family disputes between the couple during their troublesome marriage. Sakina Bibi had been lodging various complaints against her ex-husband before police and other authorities. Banaras seated himself on the table where Sakina, Irum and a police official were also sitting.
Without listening to Sakina Bibi, Banaras assured her that he would settle the new dispute whatsoever. He had heard rumours that Sakina Bibi wanted a share in the property of her ex-husband.
The first sentence Sakina Bibi uttered in the police station was, “I have been smelling foul stink (sic) from Irum. Najeeb has been raping her.”
This disclosure was too shocking for Najeeb. He yelled at her in disbelief. Then came the second attack, this time from the girl. She told the policeman that Banaras had also been raping her.
To be continued......


  1. yar where is the rest of incident??????????

  2. I believe two categories should have the worst punishment. The terrorist and the criminals such as this who disgrace women and leave a mark on the rest of nation. They must be trialed and given the severe of punishments.

  3. Ofcourse the criminals should be punished according to law but only if they found guilty. Now i am only thinking about the sudden shock faced by Banaras when he was suddenly blamed in the police station with several people hearing the accuser. Sayed Hussnan Haydeer