Sunday, April 25, 2010

My first case

My first solo appearance in the court was little funny. I was supposed to present a damsel in distress, who wanted to contract a love marriage against the wishes of her parents. She had in fact eloped with a boy and was living with him.
I had submitted a private complaint application to the judge. The court peon called the name of the case and I along with the couple entered the courtroom. I had not had the opportunity to tutor the girl for her statement to be recorded in the court.

She was supposed to say that her father had visited her house last night and threatened her of dire consequences if she marries against his wishes. She was also supposed to say that he was armed with a firearm.

The girl took oath for speaking truth in the court. She answered my question in affirmative that her father had threatened her last night. To my second question, concerning her father being armed with firearm, she replied in negative. After that I became little nervous and started smiling while looking at the judge, the judge reciprocated a smile and the girl also started smiling. The judge co-operated and wrote her statement as it was written on the private complaint. That’s how I made my first appearance. There was no leg trembling but I lost the right words to say at that point.

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