Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zaheer's bike stolen and 'returned'

Zaheer, my law school friend, was sleeping in his room when his elder brother returned home at 2am. Zaheer’s brother did not see his bike in the garage and woke him up to inquire about the two-wheeler. My law school friend, still drowsy, told his brother that he had the keys in his pocket. The family suddenly realized that there had been a theft in the house. All family members were awaken up and told about the theft.
The family kept blaming each other for not locking the main door. The male members decided to report the matter to the police. Zaheer and his cousin went to the police station for report. The report was lodged at around 4am. Zaheer returned to home and slept, thinking about his bike.
When he woke up in the morning, it occurred to him that he had parked his bike outside a shop before he came home. He didn’t tell the family about it and went to the shop the clear his doubt. The shopkeeper had dragged the bike inside his shop as the bike was locked.
To save his face, Zaheer told his family that the unidentified thieves had left the bike a few streets away as its engine stalled.
Zaheer has been telling me about his "weak memory". Like a good friend, I have been telling him his memory is okay. But he has proved me wrong.

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