Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hunting: Chachu style

Chachu, lets dispense with his real name for the sake of anonymity, is famous in the outdoor enthusiast club of Jhelum. He is an excellent player of tent pegging and an “avid hunter”. He was on a hunt when he spotted a couple of Siberian ducks in a pond near the Jhelum river. So many ducks in a pond was a jackpot for him as hunters have to do a lot of calling and deployment of decoys (fake ducks to lure the originals) to attract ducks.
Chachu fired two cartridges, each containing more than 60 pellets. The two shots killed five ducks. Chachu ran towards the pond the collect the birds. When he was taking out the birds, he heard someone wailing. An old man was crying, “Why you killed my ducks.” Chachu took two seconds to realise the blunder he had committed. He had killed someone’s pet ducks. He ran away from the spot, and has not visited that area since then.

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