Wednesday, January 6, 2010

France to penalise shouting at wife

The French government is mulling to enforce a law which will make "shouting at the spouse" an offence. The law is aimed at banning the "psychological violence" withing the marriage.
The law is expected to cover every kind of insult including repeated rude remarks about a partner's appearance, false allegations of infidelity and threats of physical violence.
Police are being urged to issue a caution in the first instance, but repeat offenders could face a fine, a restraining order or even jail.

God help the French men. The French guys are going to face very hard times. Imagine the look on the face of a French husband, who has just arrived home after a hard day at office, being questioned by his wife about his day in the office. The poor man has to answer all her question without giving her an impression of disinterest or anger.
The French husbands won't be able to express themselves when their wives spend hours and money in beauty salon and they wait in the car outside. 

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