Friday, November 6, 2009

Twin Embarrassment: Smooching mannequin at Mushroom

Twins' love at first sight
I went to buy some zero size clothes from the Mushroom shop in Jhelum, along with twins. While I was checking out and selecting the clothes, I saw twins standing near by a little girl’s mannequin, and giggling.

I tried to ignore them and asked the salesman to show me some more clothes. When the salesman went to bring some more colour, I again checked the boys and one of them – Moid – was french kissing the mannequin.

The sight and the scene astonished me. Meanwhile, twins were blushing and giving smiles to each other when one of them noticed me seeing them. I tried to divert their attention by telling them to choose caps for them.

Meanwhile, they contiued playing with the mannequin, who was wearing a pink frock. When I was about to pay the bill. I saw one of the twins pressing ‘her’ bosom and the other one lifting her frock and seeing beneath.

A couple had entered the store when the twins were checking out the dummy and also witnssed ‘assualt’ on the mannequin.

Coming back home, I did some research on the psychosexual development of a child and found some interesting information by Frued.

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  1. nice link but now a days neo-Freud -Junk, Erick Erickson ,Mitchell,Daniel stern- theory( no doubt based on Freud's theories) are valid with latest research & case studies...
    with one thing in common that 1st five years of a child ,so complexes or mishaps or exagerated attitudes in these years-determines the attitudes n character for whole life ... so training behaviors ,role models etc each and every thing should determined in these five to seven years even if parents wish to refrain their children from smoking than these are years to work on....