Sunday, November 1, 2009

First day in Express 24/7

It was the first day of training in Express 24/7. The management had hired a diverse group of employees to undergo training for the upcomming english channel. Few people were from english newspapers and most crowd was non-media people. The non-media people were very excited. They were thrilled to think about working in a news channel and many had broken this news to their friends and relatives. They had told them that it’s a very responsible job requiring a lot of experience and good english. They were justified to be excited as all of them were hired on good salaries and their previous qualifications were ignored.

Almost all of them were jobless after completing their graduation degrees when some friend of them told them about the new channel looking for diverse talents.

Girls and boys in this hip crowd were looking at their best. Boys had double-shaved to make prominent their facial hair their jeans barely covering their pubics or buttocks, flipping their latest cell phones and talking about their last holiday abroad.

Girls were no less flamboyant. They had worn makeup and jeans regardless of the size and shape of their butts. Most of them were trying to look normal in their ill-fitting jeans, talking non-stop about all the job ‘offers’ they had had before joing express news. Many were heard talking that they joined the media as they wanted to bring a revolution in Pakistan with the skills they believed they had.

Episode One

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