Sunday, November 8, 2009


Judge: I will not adjourn the hearing of this case, as I am pressed by my bosses to dispose it of as early as possible. Tomorrow will be the next hearing.

Lawyer1: Sir, I am busy in some other court. Can you please adjourn it to after 4 days.

Judge: I can’t. It’s a five year old case and needs to be disposed of. I have to give weeklyexplanation to by bosses.

Lawyer1: Sir, I will assist you in dispossing of this case, but I need some time for the prepration.

Judge: I can’t adjourn the case. You have to come tomorrow again.

Lawyer1: I will come tomorrow, anger visible from his voice.

Judge: I have written an order that both the advocates are ‘expected’ to arrive tomorrow.

Lawyer2: I object the word ‘expected’ and want it to be removed.

Judge: I won’t.

Lawyer2: You should.

Judge: I will look into the matter but won’t remove it.

Lawyer2 appears relieved on this ‘relief’.

Lawyer1 has been seeing this negotiation on the ‘relief’

Judge: Lawyers do not co-operate with the judiciary.

Lawyer1 shots back a small speech in the court room of this mining town. Around 5 lawyers and equal number of litigants besides the court staff are present in the court.

Lawyer1: It was folly of lawyers to support the sacked chief justice. We did a mistake going to jails, sacrifycing our income and suffering our families. The superior judiciary has always protected its vested interests and they will keep doing it.

Judge gets pale and drops the pen on the table.

Lawyer1: There is no differene between the current judiciary and the previous one.

The court room now has the silence of a graveyard. All lawyers, litigants and the court staff looks at the Lawyer1.

Lawyer2 is perplexed. Judge fails in his attempt to look normal. Lawyer2 nervously shifts his body weight from one foot to the other.

Lawyer2: Sir, what has been said by the Lawyer1 is not owned by me.

Judge: Who is saying that you own this statement.
Lawyer2: I just want to clarify.

Judge: Since you have not given the statement, you don’t have to clarify your position.

Lawyer1: I own my statement, come what may.

Judge adjourns the proceedings.

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  1. Bro!
    Such courageous statements lead their sons to feel pride of their father.
    Irrespective of the intrinsic worth of statement (some may object) , at least one thing is admirable,,,,, lawyer 1 did what he said (said what he did) .
    --Be firm and solid, not timid—
    These words are moral as I view.