Friday, August 21, 2009

Recovering from package of illnesses!

Got sore throat, running nose which over flows after a couple of minutes, teary eyes and slight temperature. This is my company for the past two days.
I rarely visit doctors. In fact, I am scared of their clinics, implements lying there, strange smell of medicines mixed with air-freshener, uncomfortable patient stool and the smell of germicides coming from the patient examination bed.
I preferred calling Fahad to get an on-telephone prescription from his doctor dad. Getting a cellular check up by Dr Shabbir is an easy affair.

"Sore throat, little cough, cold, slight temperature. Get a prescription from uncle," I sent this text to Fahad.
I got the prescription in a text message. I took a dose and my condition improved significantly from planning-to-call-sick to coming-in-the-night-shift.
I am recovering fast and will resume my routine from tomorrow.

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