Sunday, August 23, 2009

FIrst Ramadan in Express 24/7

Today is my first Ramadan in Express 24/7. I had a food binge last night involving four full meals therefore I was not in a position to have Sehri.

The faithfuls in my office, including the 6'2'' beast which sits beside me aka Saad Yousuf, were all inclined to stuff their stomachs with Sehri food.

The objective of the Ramadan which we as students learn from class one, is to suffer hunger and feel poor's difficult life. Practically, the volume of food consumed by each middle-class faithful can feed a family of four.

I witnessed how my colleagues enjoyed pizza during night and managed to bury a lot of mutton, naans and parathas in their bellies at Sehar.

Saad had pizza, Sehri and later managed to squeeze an apple as well. My colleagues will spend the day sleeping whereas the poor has to work for the whole day.

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