Friday, June 26, 2009

Pakguns re-opens

Pakguns has re-opened last night. Its owner and administrator closed it down ten days ago, citing ambigious reasons. I was sad on it closure as it was the only platform in Pakistan, which has gathered highly educated people who are into gun hobby. The site advocates safe use of weapons and their availability in the market.
Here is its linke
Right before the closure of the forum, a former and banned member of the Pakguns, opened another forum. The trafffic on the new forum, was low when Pakguns was running. After the closure of Pakguns, its members started to join, thus increasing traffic on it.
I frequent these two forums but like the pakguns more as it has more information about weapons available in the local market, their prices and reviews. Its layout is easy to look at for prolonged time. People are courteous and welcoming.
Very few forums are available in Pakistan for gun enthusiasts as it is considered a dangerous hobby and often related with outlaws. These two forums aim at changing this social impression.


  1. The copycat forum does not exist anymore. It died a slow death, as was anticipated.

  2. is back online and in full swing since the last several months.

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