Saturday, July 4, 2009

Encounter with canines at 9pm

It was around 9pm on Tuesday (June 30, 2009), when I entered the house of my aunt living across the road. I had gone to her house to meet my cousin Shahbaz who had arrived from the UK after 2 years. My brothers Mateen, Moid and cousin Furqan were with me. We met their guards standing close to the gate checking thier shotguns. The family have hired the armed guards after a robbery in thier house some two years ago. They had also kept two dogs for security.
I exchanged greetings with the guards and proceeded towards their front door which was across a large lawn. A paved path connected the main gate with the front door of the building. I was not aware that their dogs were kept unleashed at that time. After few steps on the dimly lit paved path, I was attacked by the two dogs. I shouted for the help but the guards did not hear me. They took the barking of dog as a routine matter as they believed that the dogs were put on leash.
The full grown dogs kept coming towards me and my younger siblings. Soon their muzzles were inches away from us. The dogs has taken us as intruders despite the fact that Mateen, Moid and Furqan were regular visitors to the house. I tried not to panic. Mateen and Moid got nervous and Furqan started shouting. I spotted the family of a servant having dinner in thier quarter which was near the gate and in the corner of the lawn. I asked the servant to come and put the dogs on the leash. He refused, saying he did not unleash them.
I was angry and hurled some filthiest and choicest abuses towards him as he and his family was watching us like silent spectators.
All the stories of dogs assualting kids, neighbours, girls and guests, that I have read in the newspapers or have seen on televisions flashed before my eyes within a second. Now I had no other option but to fight with the dogs of which I had no experience in the past. All me past encounters with dogs ended with me hurling a stone at them and the poor creature fleeing away. But now the situation was different and in their favour. I was clutching Mateen in one hand and Moid in the other. Furqan was hiding behind me, holding my waist. The kids were my three liabilities making it impossible for me to go for hit and run strategy.
I was scared but not panicked. I was still holding the ground and shouting for someone to keep the dogs on the leash, amid deafening barking. Furqan's attempts to avoid the dogs, were disturbing my balance as he would bring me in front of the dogs to save himself every four second. The first assualt began from the dogs. One of them was about to bite me on my leg when I kicked it on its head. The kick sent the dog away and here came the other dog. I was wearing sandals which gave me good grip on the ground as well as lethality to my kicks. Now I started walking towards the main door, fighting the dogs with my kicks. Meanwhile, Furqan took the hand of Moid in his hand and I got one free hand and two legs to deal with ferocious creatures.
All my next kicks aimed at the necks and rib cages of the two dogs. Things started to turn in my favour as my kicks started getting more powerful, sending the dogs three or four feet away after every serving. I would swing my arm towards the dogs aiming to give them a punch. It was only once that I was able to punch the dog as he had jumped towards me. Soon my cousins came out of the house where they were playing playstation. They tried to attract the dogs away but they kept coming towards us, recieving more kicks from me. I rushed my siblings and the cousin inside the house and entered the door after delivering the last kick to a dog. I was breathless, exhasuted and sweating.
I was so turned off that I handed cake to them and asked for Shahbaz (my UK-returned cousin). He was not in the house so I left their home. My consins did me a favour as they took the dogs in the backyard, helping us escape. I lost my appetite after the incident and went to sleep, thinking of all the pain I might have to undergo had the dogs succeeded.
My aunt telephoned us in the next afternoon and offered her apologies.

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