Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Contraceptive for Talibanisation

Few days ago, I went to Services Hospital Lahore to give money to a relative who had telephoned me for. He was in an emergency so I did not change the dress and went there in shorts. When I was about to leave the hospital premises, I bearded man came and introduce himself as doctor (name withheld) and told me in a strict tone that a girls? hostel is nearby and I should not come in this dress. My dress only revealed part of my legs below knees. The doctor believed that I was seducing the girls with my bare calves.I was annoyed as he violated my liberty. I decided in a split-second to ask him what?s wrong with this dress but he walked past hurriedly. I call this mindset Talibanisation. One does not have to sport a unkempt beard, wear shabby clothes or tot an Ak-47 to be a Taliban. The Taliban thinking emerges when we stop respecting or listening to other people?s opinion and force them to accept ours. What happened in Swat when some men tried to introduce social reforms as per their interpretation of Islam. People complied for sometime but later retaliated beyond the expectations of these social reformists. Before the operation in the valley started, various markets in the Malakand region would sport banners barring the women from coming to markets and ordering barbers not to shave beards. Those who violated the Taliban code faced barbaric punishments. Women were also killed on charges of prostitution by groups of young men gathered and armed by the Taliban. The interpretation of the religion is one?s opinion. Various sects have opposite views and interpretations of a certain issue and both the interpretations are not wrong.What one professes is between him and Allah. The problem starts when the interpretation-cum-opinion is preached to other people; and they refuse to accept it, inciting religious hatred.The sensible solution to religious hatred that comes to saner minds is keeping one?s interpretation of religion to one?s self because debates on religion are mostly inconclusive.

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