Monday, October 19, 2015

East India Company was the world’s first finger print bureau.

William Herschel was a British official. He was working for the East India Company in India. In the year 1858, he ensured to obtain palm and finger prints of the traders with whom he conducted business. William thought that the practice might compel people into keeping agreements. Pleased with the results, he wrote a letter to the inspector general of Bengal Prisons, asking the inspector general to introduce the system in the jails. However, the reply from the top jail official was not encouraging.
After some years, Edward Henry, the inspector general of Nepal police, introduced the system in jails and police stations. The Nepalese police would obtain finger prints of the accused for identification.
Who found about the uniqueness of finger prints of an individual, is unclear. William and Henry were the first ones who had an intuition that the lines on one’s palm didn’t only tell about the future but they could also link someone with his past crimes.

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