Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sodomy in -70 degree celcius

The soldier was trying to sleep in his igloo. His officer came to him and tried to get physical with him. He resisted, the officer didn’t stop. He left his igloo and went to the neighbouring igloo where the inmates were spreading their sleeping bags. Sensing that they had not welcomed his arrival, he left the place and returned to the igloo housing his officer and his galloping libido in minus 70 centigrade temperature. The officer had removed his trouser and pounded on him. 
The soldier thought for a while. What if he lets the officer have his way for one time? The thought of remaining on the glacier for months with the officer answered his question. 
What if he tells others about the officer's behaviour? Everyone would call him a catamite for the rest of his life. His options were limited, he wanted to get rid of the hard moment early.
The soldier wanted to finish the job so that other didn’t listen what happened between him and officer. He picked his AK 47 and sprayed the bullets on officer’s chest.

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