Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ayub Park and its jogging track creatures

Ayub Park is the largest public park in Rawalpindi. It is the Pakistani version of New York central park. The park has scenic views comprising of two artificial lakes with boating facility, joy land for children, a jogging track and huge lawns. 
I have tried to characterize the people who are regular on the jogging track, hoping that no one among them will read it.

The soon-to-be-married: She is found accompanied by her mother. They can be over-heard discussing the prices of various boutiques and crash diets that have given instant results to a certain cousin. One particular girl was expected to wear a dress four sizes smaller than her actual size by her in-laws. How cruel!

The commando grandpa: He comes in the park in time. Carrying a water bottle in one hand and a stick in the other, he walks with his neck straight, tummy in and chest out. He would not talk with anyone nor make eye contact. No one has seen him drinking from the bottle, which always remains full. You will not trace fat on his body. He has a physique of an ex-army men.

The ISSB prepers: Overweight boys just out of the college, who dream being an army officer, are found running on the track to shed some weight before they are being called for army recruitment. They wear short shirts and tight trousers, unaware that the affect of gravity on their genitals is highly visible and disgusting. The army will hopefully train them to wear proper dress for the right occasion and apply perfume before going at public places.

The lazy girl: She is like a billboard which reads, “My mother has forced me to go to the park, but I like being a couch potato.”

The marathon madam: Punctual and with hair nicely tied in a plait, she is found walking on the track. No one knows when did she arrive in the park and when would she go. I have yet to find the opportunity when she is not on the track.

I don’t give a damn aunty: Excessively over weight and voluptuous lady, the aunty is found walking on the track wearing earphones. She walks but moves her arms as if she is running. She does not give a damn to anyone who passes by and scans her curves. Her gait suggests the type of music she is playing at that time. 

The BBW brigade: The big beautiful women are the most abundant group on the track. You will find BBWs of all shapes sizes and complexion walking on the track and sweating. Some walk alone and some in groups. Their chatter is often about college and music shows. They are least concerned about people checking them out as they don’t get much attention from petite hungry men.

The oglers : The come on the track wearing dress more suitable for a date. Found resting on tree trunks, they flash their mobile phones to every passing girl, hinting that they are available on mobile.

The love birds: They are found perched on benches, anxiously waiting for the darkness to shorten the barriers between them.

My in-laws are my worst enemy: Mostly men, who come to the park just to call their estranged in-laws. You can hear about details of their family disputes if you have five spare minutes and a vacant bench nearby.


  1. Lol. Good one. I used to live nearby about 6 years back. Nice place, :-)