Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Teaching children to shoot in Pakistan.

This is a picture of my gun rack. My brothers are keen to learn shooting. Currently, I don't have any gun with a smaller bore. Big bores are not comfortable for young shooters. I am looking for a smaller caliber such as .22 or .410 shotgun to introduce the sport to them. Ammunition and guns are always scarce in Pakistan. .410 has become a thing of past. The only option is a .22 rifle. Prices are sky rocketing these days. A good .22 rifle such as BRNO will cost around PKR 80,000 ($800).


  1. Hi,
    I can identify a Lee Enfield, a repeater MP 153? and an air gun in your collection. I would suggest a bolt action .22 LR (TOZ Russian, about Rs 35k), a Zastava .22 LR (Bolt action) or an Armscor Semi-auto .22 LR (Around 40 K) for starters. You may also consider an air gun just to give them a feel of it. In revolvers an Arminius .22 LR (Normally around Rs 40k). You can read reviews of them at www.thegunforum.net.
    Best wishes,

  2. Nomi, I am a member of thegunforum.net as well as another gun forum in Pakistan. I am hoping to get a .22 soon. I used to have a Gamo Shadow 1000, but sold it almost in NIB condition. Lets see what lands in my gun rack in future. Problem with used BRNOs is that they are getting expensive day by day in our part of woods.

  3. My friend got a Brno CZ455 or 452 can't remember which for 80 k with Scope NIB. But a Toz or Zastava offers good value for money. I have a Toz , it's a good rifle.
    Good to know you are on TGF. I go by the nick six_shooter. :-)
    best wishes.

  4. I am familiar with your nick there. I am hamid on tfg. How is Toz working?

  5. I have used it on the range and did some pigeon hunting. It is a good rifle. Just recently put a scope on it. Comes with 4 mags, 2 five shot and 2 ten shot. You don't get this with Brno :-)

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