Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ajmal Kasab hanged in India

Pakistani national Ajmal Kasab, the sole surviving terrorist of the Mumbai terror attack of November 26, 2008, was hanged in a Pune (India) jail at 7.30 am on Wednesday, after his mercy plea was rejected by President Pranab Mukherjee earlier this month, Hindustan Times have reported.
Kasab's end came five days before the fourth anniversary of the brutal terror attacks that claimed 166 lives and injured 300 people. Nine of his associates, who had sneaked into Mumbai for the three-day carnage, had been secretly buried in the city in January 2010.
The death sentence is not to be abolished. If it is abolished, society will not be able to give vent to its griefs.

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  1. Kasab & his colleagues under instructions from their Pakistani bosses, had brutally killed many innocent Indians dining at TAJ, by lining them up their faces against the wall , shooting mercilessly till they were all presumably dead.. By hanging Kasab , although very late , is the least we could have done back to them..This hanging should serve as a lesson for fellow wannabe Kasab's..May his soul get the Desired punishment from Almighty..