Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reasons for divorce in Rawalpindi

A lawyer friend in Rawalpindi consulted me for my opinion on a piece of paper written by his lady client seeking divorce from her husband. Following were her reasons for seeking divorce from her husband.

My husband talks with his female cousin on telephone.
My mother-in-law says that it was she who selected me for her son and that it will be she who will let me live in the house.
My in-laws do not let me sit beneath a ceiling fan despite having UPS in their house.
When I am sick, they force me to take 5 pills.
My bedroom talk with my husband is known by the whole house.
My mother-in-law says that her son did not say "I accept" on the third asking of the person who was solemnising the marriage.
My husband wanted to punch on the face of the person who asked him that "Do you take her as your wife".

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