Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ben Ten, Shias and young kid

My 8-year-old brother heard my sister telling about her Shia friend's absence from her class because of a majalis (mourning meeting). The word Shia got stuck in his mind and he started asking me who is a Shia person. I tried to find an answer but miserably failed. I texted two Shia friends. Only one replied, sarcastically asking me to tell the young child the definition of Shia by Shipa-e-Sahaba (a banned religious outfit that wants extermination of Shias). When I demanded an serious definition of Shia for an 8-year-old child, my friend also expressed his inability and suggested how about asking the boy about new Ben Ten stuff in the shopping mall near his school. The change in the topic tricked my brother and he started telling me about new Ben Ten toys in the market. Now we will visit the shopping mall to buy those toys. Ben Ten has saved me from a difficult question. Let's hope some other fancy toy saves me in next Muharram.


  1. Dear Gondal sahib,
    I have been visiting your blog. You haven't written anything since last three weeks, hope you are ok. Stay safe,
    best wishes,

  2. Dear Nomi, Thanks for leaving the comment. I really appreciate it. A comment like yours have made me realise that my words are heard. I was suffering from the writers' block. I will be regular. Thank you.