Sunday, May 29, 2011

What mullas think of women

That's what mullas in Pakistan think of their wives in particular and women in general.


  1. Never knew how beautiful hurs will be, but its of no use now. As I never liked women to do what this mullah was propagating. Human beings are not compatible with hurs :)

  2. once a mualana was sermonizing that " lipstick is banned in Islam...its haram n a source to temp..." so one deciple asked" pr peer g, tuaddi wohti v tey lipstick lgandi ay.."
    he replied" oodhi gal chad...oonho sajdi v barri ay ..." :P ;) lol
    i like Iqbals verse v mch tht say " k i dnt offer prayers fr jannat bcx i am not a labourer but an aashiq momin" these mullahs has destroyed the real concept of every islamic norm ....