Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is Osama still alive

There are a very few people in Pakistan, who believe Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden was present in Abbotabad compound and America killed him there. Below are a few questions that still trouble the minds of my naive, confused countrymen, who still believe that Osama is alive.

Why ex-intelligence officials keep saying Osama is alive?
They say it because they want audience and media limelight. Such interviews are not broadcast or published anywhere in the world except in Pakistan where there is a large audience willing to believe in Osama-is-alive.

Why Osama was living in poverty when he was so rich.
Osama was living in hiding. He was on the run. All top world security agencies were after him. When a person is living in hiding, he can’t afford to bargain with shopkeepers. He buys things with only one condition that his anonymity is protected at all costs.
Osama was on the run for more than ten years. The Saudi government had seized his assets. His family was not supporting him anymore. He could not avail the online monetary transfer as it would have blown his cover. He was living on donations provided by his friends, who were getting fewer day by day because of vigilant American spy agencies.
Osama was also keeping a large family with him. This multiplied the expenses which reached beyond his resources.

Why Osama didn’t have so many body guards.
This was asked none other than Pakistan’s star anchor Hamid Mir, who has never been tired of boasting his interview with Osama Bin Laden. Mir asked that why Osama was living without his security detail when he had been living with a massive security detail in Kandahar.
Could Osama afford to live with a security detail consisting of 50 double cabin vehicles, loaded with gun totting Talibans in Pakistan? No.

Osama in Abbotabad was Osama’s body double.
This argument is also raised frequently. People in Pakistan think that Osama had placed his body double in Abbotabad. Who places his body double to live in a house with one’s three wives? No one.

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