Monday, May 2, 2011

Pakistan after Osama Bin Laden's death

All American speculations that Al Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan has become true with Osama's death in a CIA operation in Pakistan's Abbotabad. Osama's death marks the end of the world biggest search operation for one single person.

How cunning was Osama: The choice of hideout by Osama showed Al Qaeda's superiority in counter-intelligence. A person with fox's mind can decide to live in a place very near to the academy of the army which 'wanted' his arrest. Americans never speculated about Osama's presence in Abbotabad. Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi had occupied the American mind. Osama, according to media reports, had been living in the 18-kanal compound since 2005. One-man's counter intelligence outdid the intelligence of world's two notorious secret agencies - CIA and ISI.

More bomb attacks?: The world will face serious repercussions following Osama's death. All Al Qaeda pockets will go independent and will hit whatever they can lay their hands at. These operations will be hastily planned and badly executed, but will be potent enough to scare the whole world for the next couple of years.
Troubles for PPP: Troubles for Pakistan will not end with Osama's death. Islamabad has been exposed by the CIA operation. Pakistan never accepted that it had allowed the US to operate within its territory. The government of Pakistan led by the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) will have a hard time. All extremist pockets in the country will hold the PPP government responsible for Osama's death. Pakistan army on the other hand, like always, will evade the responsibility. Pakistan army has never learnt to accept bad things. The government has to face the brunt of drone attacks whereas the army has provided facilities for those attacks. Similarly, the army will successfully evade the responsibility of the Abbotbad operation.
Death to benefit PML-N: The PML-N, the second largest party in Pakistan, has been indirectly pointing fingers on the army and directly blaming the government over the operation. It is no more a secret that the PML-N has to appease the extremist pockets as they constitute its major portion of vote bank. All these factors will lead the PPP government into serious security troubles. The party has lost one governor and one federal minister to extremist attacks. It can't afford to loose more of its human resource and it also can't afford to disown the operation that killed Osama. The PML-N is now in win-win position.

Remembering Osama: Now some words for Osama. One can't fight with his immediate boss let alone with the whole institution, but Osama not only fought with his birth country (Saudi Arabia), guest country (Afghanistan), friend country (Pakistan), ex-friend country (USA), ex-boss country (again USA) and the whole world. He deserves applause for fighting against and hiding from his enemies.

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  1. well done u ended every one's debate here tht " whether Osama is still alive or dead"
    to be alive or dead..thts the question :)

  2. That debate is just hope for the sake of hope for people who considered Osama as saviuor.