Sunday, February 20, 2011

Solving the police code

Police in Pakistan will remain corrupt as long as we have the prevalent political culture and a low literacy rate in the country. Majority of population is illiterate and is ever-ready to harass their opponents by causing them financial losses. Nothing harasses people more in Pakistan than the police.
Police runs on money or political influence. You can bribe the police and get your opponent falsely implicated in a case of any nature, including murder and gang rape. You don't have to bribe the police if the MNA or MPA, you elected in the last general elections, is in the power. In this case, one telephone of your elected leader will do anything for you in the police station. You can get yourself absolved from an investigation or harass your opponents.
The first thing a MPA or MNA demands from the party leadership soon after the formation of the government, is a co-operative district police officer (DPO). The  DPO is well aware of his mentor in his district and has no other option except to comply with orders of  the local politician. A co-operative DPO in the district than appoints lower-ranking police officials in police stations on the recommendation of the politician. That's how police works in Pakistan.

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