Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Incestuous gang rape: People give befitting welcome to persons involved in incest case

Around 200 people were present outside the District Jail, Jhelum. They were waiting for the release of Banaras and Najeeb. It took jail authorities an hour to complete the documentation. Then Banaras and Najeeb appeared from the small door of the jail. Amid loud sloganeering, they were taken towards the cars parked at a little distance from the jail. Local media and a large contingent of the police were also present outside the jail.
The 200-strong crowd started multiplying. When the motorcade carrying the two cousins reached their home town, the crowd had grown to around 700 people. In village Jalo Chak, women gathered on the rooftop to have a glimpse of the two cousins who remained in the jail for 19 months facing the most heinous of the crimes.

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  1. i hope they will file a case against Irum and her mother for lodging a fake case against them. What do you think?

    Sayed Hussna Hayder