Thursday, June 17, 2010

Incestuous gang rape: Defence lawyer gets befitting welcome

My dad defended the two cousins. My only contribution in the case was to discuss the case with my dad and arrange documents for him. We also decided to congratulate the two cousins. I have seen them so many times in the court silently standing behind my dad when he was arguing the case. People in the court room would elbow each other and gossip while looking at the two cousins.
We reached the village at 8pm. The earlier crowd had disappeared. Five elders of the family were waiting outside the village to receive us. When we reached near the house of Banaras, a crowd of around 60 people was present. They started chanting slogans for my dad. He was garlanded with roses and currency notes. Two drum beaters also appeared from somewhere. I also got my share of garlands and sloganeering. I have never been through such an experience before. We were seated in the drawing room where people were coming from one door and leaving from the other meanwhile, thanking my dad and asking who is this chouta wakeel.


  1. Mubarik ho "choutay wakeel" :)


  2. so shouta baby is transforming into " chouta wakeel " great .....CONGRATS :)

  3. Time proves that good deserves good and that is all I have to say for . . . the released cousins and lawyers panel . . . and off course you for accepting the garlands and enjoying drumbeat . .


  4. hey Mr,Blogger...
    where r u....still enjoying ur success so no more updates ..........??????????