Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zardari makes the mockery of harassment of women’s bill

President Zardari has signed the bill against the harassment of the women at the work place. While signing the bill, he was photographed amid women politicians who were beaming smiles.

The only beautiful face which was missing among the present political beauties was of Sherry Rehman. She is the author of the bill which has now become an act. None among the free media cared to remember her.

The bill’s author Sherry was kicked out of the cabinet after she resented gender sensitive remarks by President Zardari and Rehman Malik. The bill which was intended to protect women at the workplace failed to protect its creator. The bill has become an act and is enforced across the country which means Sherry can now bring law suit against her teasers.


  1. Every religion gives equal rights to men and women. President Asif Ali Zardari signed the landmark legislation “The Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Bill, 2009” in the presence of a large number of women representing different segments of the society.
    The is not an issue that who was present at the time when bill was signed and who was not, I think we should come this snake pit of romors and think globally. If Sherry Rehman was not present due to some reason then what?
    After eight years of intense consultation and lobbying, the bill has finally become an act that will make it mandatory for the management of the organisations to adopt the Code of Conduct and form a three-member inquiry committee to deal with the complaints of sexual harassment.

  2. @Salman,
    It is not the legislation which will change the fate of working women in Pakistan, but it is our attitude towards them. Instead of making such legislation we need to change our attitude. Its not who was absent, but why she was absent.

  3. Male attitude towards is unchangeable and it a natural or instinct. Even the most civilised societies in the world had to legislate to ensure safety of women. Only the womenfolk can change their destiny and they will have to fight for their protection and rights in this male-dominated world (which is also by nature).