Sunday, March 14, 2010

Girl says no to MPA

Jinnah Law College Jhelum held its first convocation on March 6, 2010. The college had invited public figures for the prize distribution. My father was also invited as a chief guest. Our local MPA was also there. The stage secretary announced the name of a former student, Huma Amir, to receive her degree from the MPA. Huma went to the stage and started talking with the stage secretary. The audience was getting curious, followed by little impatience, as to what the lady was talking.

She had told the stage secretary she would not get her degree from a person who was her 4 years junior in the law college. The stage secretary, who had been making blunders of every sort on the mike, made another by announcing on the mike that the lady had refused to receive her degree from the MPA.
The lady asked the stage secretary to call Rashid Gondal Advocate for giving her the degree, which my dad gave her on the stage.

The ordeal of the MPA did not end there. The girl has become a local celebrity. The people of Jhelum settled abroad who read about the incident through websites of local newspaper, have started telephoning home to know more details.

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