Monday, March 1, 2010

Mother refuses to see her children

When I was entering the Darul Aman, a man accompanied by four children stopped me. They were from Rawalpindi and wanted to meet a woman in the shelter home. The kids were carrying some fruits in shopping bags. The woman in question was their real mother and the man was their maternal uncle.

They requested me to help them meet with the woman. I asked the shelter home boss to do so. She sent for the woman who, shockingly, refused to meet her children.

I did not want to break that ugly news to the family outside, so I sent a peon to do that. I was little relieved, assuming that the family would have gone when I would leave the premises. Meanwhile, I was thinking about what made the woman say no.

Lost in thoughts, when I was leaving the gate of the shelter home, I saw the kids and their uncle standing right in front of the gate. They approached me. The eldest child was a budding girl. Her eyes were teary and red. The younger one’s had no idea what was happening.

It was an awkward situation for me because I could not help them. Later, the man told me that his sister was having a telephonic affair with someone else, who had told her not to see her kids otherwise he would not marry her.

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