Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bar responsible for corrupt judiciary

The Supreme Court has served notice on former attorney general Latif Khosa and sought his reply on corruption allegations against him. A lady doctor from Peshawar has alleged that Khosa took Rs 3 million from her as bribe for the judges.
Khosa refused to pursue the case and return the money, saying he has forwarded it to concerned judges. When the lady doctor threatened to approach the Supreme Court (SC) in this regard, the afraid Khosa offered her Rs 6 million for her silence, but the lady went ahead and filed an application in the SC.

There are some very good lawyers who have life-long adherence to legal ethics and there are many lawyers who prefer superficial gains at the cost of violating legal ethics.

A good lawyer is brave and bold and is not afraid of any corruption charge. He is not scared of police or political administration. He bravely faces cases fabricated against him. He is only concerned with one thing which certainly is not the easy money.

A certain Advocate Kayani, who is the son of a former justice and contesting the bar council election, appeared in a family suit in the court. When he could not convince the judge with his arguments, he forged a document inside the court, before the judge and surrounded by so many young lawyers.

His forgery was caught by the other lawyer who highlighted it in the case. I dont know how Kayani felt but I and other entrants were ashamed of him. He violated not only the sacred profession, but also gave us insight into his cheap personality which otherwise looked very attractive.

His fluency, eloquence, smartly tailored dress and mentioning of his 'learned' teacher could not save him from the humiliation which he faced in the court.

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