Friday, August 14, 2009

Say no to news channels!

People are surprised to know that I work in an English news channel and there is no news channel tuned on my television set. They drop their jaws when I tell them I don’t even watch the channel I work for.

The Pakistani media, especially the electronic media, has been unable to fill the space it has got due to recent governments’ relaxed media policies. The media has failed to show maturity in broadcasting which it should have shown. The media has nothing to tell but rhetoric of toms, dicks and harries of Pakistani politics.

Around 95 percent of news on our television channels is statements. Talk shows on these televisions channels are plain verbal wrestling between guests whereas anchor acts as a referee. The airing of such content will compel any sane person with ordinary prudence not to watch these channels.

“What do I watch then,” people question me. I reply, “9XM and other music channel that has nothing to do with news of any sort.”
“Can you recommend a good TV host of a current affairs programme,” they ask me before parting.

I suggest them Bheegi Billi, Barra and Chota, and Badshah Bai of 9XM.

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