Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why I get nervous giving envelope to groom on wedding

It was a few months ago. I was sitting in my office thinking about what to ask a witness next day. I was applying adhesive flags on various pages of the case file. My clerk entered my room and reminded me that I had to attend my friend's wedding tomorrow afternoon. I asked him to give me an envelope printed with my law firm's name and address. He complied. I put the money in the envelope, scribbling Best Wishes on it and put the adhesive flags in the drawer. Next day, I conducted the case and attended the wedding. I gave the envelope to the friend's father and came home. Two days after the wedding I opened the drawer and found two notes of PKR 1000 in it. It took me at least ten minutes to figure out who has put the money there. 
I realised the blunder and decided to call my friend with a hesitation. He was expecting my call. Feigning ignorance and pretending normalcy, I told my friend that I guess I have given wrong envelope to him. He said, ''Yes, Your envelope contained two yellow stickies.'' I went to his home and handed him the 'correct' envelope and asked for an apology. We were sitting in his lawn and I can see whole of his family looking at me from inside their drawing room window. I had put the stickies in the envelope and placed the money in the drawer, while lost in thoughts.
Now whenever I have to go to a wedding. I check the contents of the envelope multiple times.

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