Friday, April 17, 2015

Unsatisfying husband and truthful wife

Many angry wives come to visit our offices for getting divorces from their husbands. Many are so eager to get divorce that they level all sorts of fake allegations on their husbands. They take false pleas that their husbands are into torture, adultery, drinking, gambling and whoring. 
One particular lady stands out in my memory. She was a Christian working as Major in Pakistan Army. Christian divorce law is different from Muslim family laws in Pakistan. Divorce under the Christian Marriage and Divorce Act takes more time to finalise than under Muslim family laws. 
The Christian lady had some issues with her husband. The marriage was physically and financially not satisfying. I studied the law and told her that she could not get divorce until she tells the court that her husband has either changed his religion, tortures her, keeps a mistress or enjoys sex with animals (bestiality).
With a frown on her forehead, she looked on the false ceiling of my office thoughtfully for a few seconds, and promptly said that her husband has no such vice and that she would not level any false allegation on him.
My paralegal, Khalid Ahmed, was stunned to hear that. After the lady left our office, Khalid came to my office and said that never in his experience of three decades, he has seen such a lady who wants to get rid of her husband but would not impute false allegation on her husband. My reply was that she is a Christian and they are more truth full than we Muslims.
We encouraged the lady to hold a reconciliatory meeting with her husband, who assured that he would be vigilant in physical and financial things. The last I heard from them they were living happily in Murree.

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  1. That was a very nice thing to do Hamid. Reconciling them was probably the better option. Good job.