Friday, July 12, 2013

Book is classical

You are lying in your bed, reading your favourite book. You flip the pages. You struggle to keep awake to finish the current page. The suspense in the book grips you. You read page after page, trying not to sleep. And suddenly you woke up in the morning, finding the book beside you.
You are going in train. After briefly scanning all the beautiful companions in the coach, you take the book out and start reading. Tea vendor comes and gives you a cup of tea. Caffeine, sights and smell of paper makes the most out of the journey.
You are sitting in the doctor’s waiting room. You take out the rolled reader’s digest from your pocket and start reading. And when your name is called, you are mentally rich and you are wondering how fast the time went by.
The joy of holding and reading a real book is priceless. Kindles are good, but book is just book.

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