Monday, June 17, 2013

Lawyer's confused lawyer son

First day at any new place is confusing. Considering the shaky legs of new lawyers, it appears that the confusion is also freezing for them when they appear in the court for first time.
A senior lawyer's son got his LLM degree and was reluctant to appear in the courts. The senior lawyer attempted to take charge of son's first flight and brought him to high court, Rawalpindi. I spotted the young lawyer outside the court and exchanged greetings. His reply was very cold. He is an asocial person, so I didn't worry about the way he responded.
In the court, he was sitting silent and lost with his father. Soon a case was called, the father literally dragged him to rostrum. The boy was so nervous that he was unable to utter his name to the court staff. The father had to tell his son's name to the staff. The boy was not only confused because of his first appearance, but he was also nervous owing to his overshadowing father, who kept standing next to his son to hear his arguments. Luckily the case was adjourned, otherwise this post would have been more exciting.

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