Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cruel wife week

This was a cruel wife week for my clients. I got two clients who engaged me against their wives. One client was a matriculate son of an army colonel. He had divorced his wife. Being wrongly advised by his previous lawyers, he got several verdicts against him from every court including the Supreme Court. He has a daughter from his previous wife. The litigation is about the maintenance allowance of the daughter which has accumulated to PKR 800,000. I will be watching over the little-remaining-interest of my client. There is nothing to defend now except asking the court for installments.
The second client was a young man who got married in January 2013. His in laws tricked him, introducing their divorced daughter as unmarried before her marriage with my client. The girl lived with him for two months before vanishing. He came to know about her previous marriage after she disappeared. My client has information that the lady has contracted another marriage with a boy she was acquainted with before her first marriage. Now she is lawfully wedded wife of two people.
When I am not doing criminal cases, I prefer family suits. It’s good to listen to people having family problems.


  1. Was it a Litcul's son? Lol :-)

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