Sunday, April 28, 2013

Six reasons to torture lawyers in Pakistan

In the last seven days, two leading lawyers of Rawalpindi have been abducted and tortured brutally. In the two separate incidents, both the lawyers were abducted from busy roads, kept in confinement and tortured on legs with iron rods and steel nails. The two incidents follow lawyers’ reckless disregard for social decency.

1. Lawyers are ignorant people. They go to family restaurants and demand waiters to serve them alcohol. When the restaurant management refuses to do so, they beat waiters and damage the property of the restaurant.

2. Lawyers can pressure any government official to do illegal work for them. When the official refuses, lawyers can stage a 500-strong protest outside his office and can even lodge a criminal case against him. When the official comes to the court, lawyers can again harass and assault him.

3. The supremacy of law has become alien to lawyers, who now advocate supremacy of fists and sticks. In the past, leading lawyers would face the dictators in the courts, now the leading lawyers encourage young lawyers to take sticks and scuffle with dictator’s supporters outside the court.

4. Lawyers now display banners outside the court premises, pressing courts to give a certain verdict against a certain person without even listening to the certain person. Previously, lawyers would ask courts for relief after finishing their arguments and listening the opponents’ arguments.

5. Lawyers of today can pick a fight every week on any pretext with minion army men standing guard on the sides of the road connecting the GHQ with the house of the most insecure person in Pakistan. Do lawyers have any match with an ordinary poor soldier performing his duty under harsh sun?

6. Lawyers take legal fee in advance from their clients and will not appear in cases because of strikes over reasons ranging from waiters or shopkeepers beating lawyers to failed attempt by lawyers to grab government land.

The writer - despite his desires - has never mustered enough courage to enter into such fights, but he has started to carry his handgun with him to avoid steel nails and iron rods.


  1. That is so true. Lawyers should mend their ways. They have been playing with people's nerves.

  2. More reasons to carry. Stay safe brother. I was dismayed on seeing pics in the paper showing lawyers beating a few helpless earthlings.

  3. Black coats are loosing the respect they once earned. Things have rotten. And there is no end visible to lawyers' high handedness.