Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Media should learn to interviewe family of martyr

Crew from a private television channel wanted to interview my aunt who is the widow of an army martyr. I have been watching such segments during my job in the television channel. Every time the choice of questions was cruel. And this time it was no exception.
Among many shortcomings of the Pakistani media, interviewing the family of a martyr is quite disturbing.
There is a growing trend among reporters and producers to show the widow and orphans on camera. Many people normally don’t like coming on the camera let alone soon after the death of a spouse, parent or child. Who on earth wants to talk about the death of a loved one on the second day of the death?
No one likes his father or husband to die for any cause. No one wants to be proud of the death of his parent or spouse. The social pressure and expectations force the widow or orphan to say that they are happy over the martyrdom or are proud of the martyr. Given the choice between a proud death and a life, many would choose to live.
The only message a widow or an orphan want to give to people at large is : Don’t send your loved ones on jobs that can claim their lives. But the reporters always end their interview with this question, “App qoum ko kya payghaam daina chahtey hain.”

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