Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to win election on CD-70

Two of my uncles, who are brothers, have won the union council elections consecutively for two terms. The two are very alien to local politics - one spent his life in the UK and other was a businessman. However, their third brother is a politician. Their style of election campaign is unique. The brother who is contesting the election runs from corner to corner to hold meetings. The third brother remains in hibernation till the last week of the election. Three days prior to the election, he would get a Honda CD-70 (a four stroke motorcycle popular for its fuel efficiency) and sacks of currency notes. He would visit all those areas where people from low-income bracket reside, and distribute money. His ‘investment’ has never let his brothers down.
Being from the minority clan, they have twice defeated the candidates of the majority clan. The democracy that we want to see flourishing in Pakistan will never be possible unless we educate the people and improve their economic condition. The educated class should make illiterate people realise that their vote is powerful and priceless.

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