Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lawyers, politcians and cocks

Two lawyers were arguing a case in a court. The opponent parties, who were from a same village, were also seated at the back of the courtroom. Two men from the opponent sides were sitting together. They were not directly related with the outcome of the case, and were giving a running commentary.
When the lawyer from one side would raise a point in a high tone, one of the men would say that this lawyer has a killing bite that would damage the other party. If the other lawyer would rebut the point raised, the men would say that the other lawyer has got a stronger bite. The men were commenting on the lawyers as if they were two cocks fighting in a cock-fight.
Pakistani nation expects its politicians to fight like dogs. And the cunning politicians have realised the people’s weakness. From yelling in talk shows to calling names in public rallies - they leave no opportunity to entertain the people.
A journalist friend from Express News, who was seeing the archives of Pakistani newspapers, commented that poetry and Punjabi-stage-drama-styled sarcasm has always remained popular in politicians and high in demand among the people.

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