Friday, July 8, 2011

Why my father don't want me to join judiciary

My father has remained a civil judge at the start of his legal career. His first and last posting was in Sahiwal district (7-7-1982 to 8-10-83). During the first couple of days of his job, he came across a case in which a patwari (revenue officer) was harassing a poor peasant.
My father decided the stay application in poor peasant’s favour. The judgment consisted of only four lines. Now I have realized that why I love brevity. The patwari appealed the judgment before the district judge who reversed the order passed by my father. The district judge, Saeed Sabbir, wrote a four-page judgment, explaining in detail that why the order of lower court was to be reversed.
The peasant appealed the Lahore High Court. The high court judge, Justice Munir, wrote one-and-a-half page of judgment setting aside the order of the district judge and agreeing with the decision of the lower court, which my father was presiding over.
Soon after my father had passed the order, the district judge started sending show-cause notices to my father. My father jokingly remembers them as love letters from his boss. The letter demanded justifications such as why my father was two minutes late on Thursday? Why he was four minute late on Saturday? My father was a new entrant in judiciary so he asked a senior colleague about the show cause notices he was getting.
The colleague told my father that the brother of that patwari was a professor who used to tutor the children of the district judge free of cost. Apparently, the district judge was very angry over the ‘insolent’ civil judge who passed an order against the teacher of his children.

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